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Darius Grandisson

plural cabinetmaker

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Darius Grandisson is a former international professional dancer. You can tell by his posture, his chest upright and his neck straight. He divides his time between the creation of turned wood pieces and the dance classes he gives in the afternoons. The particularity of his art? He lets pieces of bark appear from the trunk, he works around the cracks in the trunk, or lets the knots in the wood show through.

"I love a job well done, so I spend an enormous amount of time perfecting each piece. To reveal what is so valuable about the wood essences."

His creations

Unique pieces or limited series, seen at Maison & Objet. Pieces made of local woods: mango, mahogany, sapodilla, apricot, tamarind, guava, but also rarer woods such as lychee, breadfruit, noni or courbaril.

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