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Jean-Luc Toussaint

poetic scrap metal

Saint Louis, Marie Galante.png

Jean-Luc Toussaint has been living in Martinique for 15 years and feels at home here. He appreciates the calm and the strength of the nature that surrounds him. It is here that he met his wife, here that he reached the maximum expression of his art, with monumental sculptures. Exact temperatures to work each metal, welding techniques, cold forming, precision machines... This is a delicate art, which requires a quasi-surgical method.

"I try to keep a lot of simplicity in the line of my sculptures. The more I work, the more I eliminate the unnecessary... with the goal of arriving at a pure but explicit form. The final form has as few elements as possible."

His artwork

Whether it is to create moving animals or protective totems, Jean-Luc Toussaint works exclusively with recycled parts

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