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Brodeuses de Vieux-Fort

delicacy & tradition

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For more than 400 years, the town of Vieux-Fort has been the center of a unique know-how in the West Indies: handmade embroidery. Today, the embroiderers of Vieux-Fort are the guardians of the knowledge of more than 70 types of stitches passed on to them by their mothers and grandmothers. And every day, their association is open at the town hall, to continue to transmit their knowledge and their love of embroidery...

"I always watched my mother embroider, and I thought it was too demanding an art, and that I would never do it for a living. Yet I started when I was 8 years old and I love embroidery! I try to teach it to anyone who is willing." Marie-Josie Ficher, President of the Association | Photography by Cedrick Isham

Embroidery in its simplest form

Wall frames, which bring traditional embroidery up to date. Customizable patterns and inscriptions

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