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Pieces from the West Indies to spice up your interior design 

For all your cultural, scenography or space planning projects, Gaston offers you exceptional pieces! Custom-made canvases, sculptures or beautiful handicrafts

Creole Art: confidential, authentic, a source of astonishment

Dear decorators, you certainly know the West Indies of postcards, coconut palms and white sand beaches… But have you ever heard of our craftsmen or contemporary artists? Because they just might help you surprise your customers .  There is a shiver on our islands, a shared beat, which is expressed in a thousand and one ways depending on the sensibilities.

We have already made people happy

Decorator, hotel, restaurant... they trusted us to find the pieces that make their address unforgettable .  Look what they say about it: they seem seduced, don't they?

Gallery exhibitions

YELOW "Paris-Galante: history of a fusion"

ADLY "Joy"

ALAIN JOSEPHINE "Architecture of Tropical Spaces"

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Support designed to save you time

Whatever your expectations, we have an approach based on listening and advice. Thanks to our good knowledge of West Indian artists and our contacts in the field, we can be your single point of contact to:

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recueillir vos besoins en fonction des projets d'événements


identifier les artistes correspondant à votre positionnement


planifier le thème et le déroulé de votre événement privé


communiquer et lancer les invitations auprès de votre réseau


installation de l'exposition, avec cartels et portfolio

Image de Josh Calabrese

For the little story

Hello, I'm Christelle, and I grew up in Guadeloupe. This project was born in me by dint of visiting museums or design fairs. The Maison & Objet Fair is also one of the fairs that have made me dream over the years.


Gaston is a showcase for artists - painters, sculptors or visual artists, and craftsmen from the West Indies - whether they are instrument makers or cabinetmakers. An initiative that shares, highlights and aims to preserve the cultural heritage of my island. An initiative to, I hope, give new accents and a particular color to your projects.

Let's work together

Tell us everything! What is your approach, what are your plans? How can we help you?

Thank you for your message. See you soon!

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