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Pieces from the French West Indies to surprise your clients

Whether it's a painting, a sculpture or a beautiful custom-made craft, Gaston offers you pieces that your customers will not see anywhere else! What better way to attract their attention, and to make them come back to your place?

Creole Art: confidential, authentic, a source of astonishment

You certainly know the West Indies from postcards, coconut palms and white sand beaches... But have you ever heard of our artisans? Because they could well help you to enrich your selection. There is a thrill on our islands, a shared beat, which is expressed in a thousand and one ways depending on the sensibilities.

We have already made them happy

Concept store, hotel, restaurant... they trusted us to find the pieces that make their address unforgettable. Look what they say: they seem to be seduced, don't they?



"For me, a hotel must have a soul. This is what exceptional pieces create, even more so when they are handmade." 

Owner of Nid Kreyol hotel

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Group 23 (2).png


"I am seduced by the Gaston concept, and I have chosen sculptures that my clients will not see anywhere else."

Owner of La Parenthese restaurant

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"The pieces I chose from Gaston have an authentic look, which is very popular with my customers."

Manager of the concept store Nuska

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Support designed to save you time

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Whatever your expectations, our approach is based on listening and advice. Thanks to our good knowledge of West Indies artisans and our local contacts, we can be your sole contact to :


collect your needs according to your current selection


identify the types of know-how and the artisans who meet your criteria


negotiate the prices of the selected pieces


transport the pieces to you as soon as possible


check together that the delivery matches your wishes

Why choose made in Outremer France?

French West Indies artists are nourished by French and Creole influences. From their history and their mixed environment. The result? Materials, colours and shapes with an inimitable aesthetic signature. The icing on the cake: an environmentally friendly production.



The artisans use locally sourced raw materials: precious woods, vegetable fibres, limestone or porous clays... everything needed to create freely



Techniques representative of a creolized culture, such as basketry, inherited from the first inhabitants of the West Indies: the Kalinagos people



Handcrafted productions in small quantities, which allow to adapt to your wishes. The certainty of obtaining unique pieces or limited series for your stores.

For the little story

I am Christelle, and I grew up in Guadeloupe. This project was born in me from visiting museums and design fairs. The Maison & Objet Salon is one of the fairs that have made me dream over the years.

I realised that there was a need to promote the artisans and know-how of the West Indies, which are made invisible by the distance that separates them from mainland France.


Gaston is a showcase for artists - painters, sculptors or visual artists - and artisans from the French West Indies - whether they are instrument makers or cabinet makers. An initiative that shares, highlights and aims to preserve the cultural heritage of my island. An initiative that will, I hope, give new accents and a particular colouring to your shops.

CLAIRVILLE Christelle_MPP0826 (1).jpg

If you want to know more, in this podcast we discuss life in the West Indies, the inspiration of artists, and even creolization (in French)

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